1st EuFN Workshop in Graz July 4th–5th 2017

Following 11 highly successful D-A-CH FIB workshops, the 1st EuFN Workshop was held from July 4th – July 5th 2017 in Graz, Austria.
The workshop presenting highlights and recent developments in the field of Focused Ion Beam research was received with much interest and attention. More than 100 participants listened to 17 talks, 4 tutorials, 8 exhibitor talks, a podium discussion, and 15 poster presentations. Please have some impressions on the website!

Announcement: 1st EuFN Workshop in Graz, July 4th – July 5th 2017

„Beyond Material Surfaces: Advanced Methods to Access Functional Properties“

Be a scientist, engineer or technician, we strongly encourage you to present and discuss your results!
Topics include but are not limited to:

Abstract submission:  February 13th – May 8th 2017
Registration:  February 13th – June 3rd 2017


In 2007 the “D-A-CH FIB Arbeitskreis” (D for Germany, A for Austria, CH for Switzerland) meeting was held in Graz, Austria. Since then annual workshops were organised in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and not only increased in participants but also attracted the attention and interest of further European countries. Responding to this natural and most welcome development, the Steering Committee felt the need to rename the “D-A-CH FIB Arbeitskreis” into the “European Focused Ion Beam Network” in order to respond to and enhance this ongoing internationalisation.

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