65 Years Electron Microscopy at Graz

In 1949 an industrial donation of 100,000 Schilling was the financial basis of the first electron microscope at the former “Technische Hochschule”, today’s Graz University of Technology. Two years later a specialised research centre for electron microscopy, the “Forschungsstelle für Elektronenmikroskopie” was established. Fritz Grasenick became the first head of the institute. The microscope “Übermikroskop UEM100” by Siemens & Halske in Berlin was delivered and installed in March 1951. The inauguration ceremony of the research centre took place three month later on June 30th 1951. A symposium was held; many international experts participated, to name some of them: Ernst Ruska (Nobel Prize winner), Bodo von Borries (physicist and co-inventor of the electron microscope), Walter Glaser (theoretical physicist) or Otto Wolf (Siemens & Halske, Berlin).

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