2010F Control Palette

Category: Microscope & GIF
Description: Script to provide an on screen control palette for driving the stage controls and the image shift of a JEOL microscope. Use this script to move and align images at the image capture computer rather than having to twist your back/neck and do it at the microsocpe while peering over your shoulder at the monitor. Change the default stage image shifts by either modifying the script - the variables are identified or by launching the script with the ALT key held down. The microscope must be EXT 1 mode to use this script. Note also that the SELWT command affects how the goniometer commands operate. On our system I type SELWT_3 at the microscope keyboard and then the goniometer commands GMOVE and GRMOVE behave sort of sensibly - but not entirely so. Truth be told, the goniometer control is not great, and only likely to be useful at low magnification. The electronic image shift is automatically compensated for changes in magnification, so you should get similar image shifts regardless of magnification. There is a net rotation between the TEM image and that seen on our GIF - about 135 degrees anticlockwise. No attempt to correct for this has been made. The displacement +X, -X, +Y or -Y which happens to best line up with up has been attributed to the up/down buttons etc - this is not precise, but adequate. An accurate correction for rotation would be feasible for the image shift, which has good precision, but it would be pointless for stage shift, where poor precision and backlash in the stage control are evident. Control of magnification, brightness, spot size, focus and the GIF TV and Slit insertion is also provided. In version 1.3 I changed the positions of the controls to make them more ergonomic, and tidied up some of the variable names.
Comments: Microscope must be in EXT 1 mode for this to work. If Image Shift is selected on the microscope, image shift on the control palette doesn't work.
Script version: 1.3
DM/GMS version: 3.8.2
Hardware: JEOL 2010F/GIF 2000
Script written as a function: No
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