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3D Line Profile for SI

Category: 3D Images
Description: This script is an extension to the regular profile tool. The standard profile tool extracts a 1D profile from a 2D image (or of the 2D displayed slice of a 3D/4D/5D data set) This tool works only on 3D data (i.e. Spectrum-Images) and extracts 2D data from the selected area, effectively creating a 'line-scan' SI data out of a 3D SI. Similar to the standard tool, the 2D line-scan profile stays linked with the source-data marker and updates if the marker is moved, or resized; or if the averaging is changed; or if the source data is changed. Usage: On a 3D data set (SI) either draw a ROI line or extract a line profile with the standard line profile tool. Then run the script to convert The ROI or LineProfile into a 3D LineProfile. Use the marker the same way as for the standard lineprofile (i.e. move/resize/double-click to change properties, or use +/- key to change averaging.) Use the extracted SI profile exactly as an acquired SI line scan. Optional: If a standard profile is converted, launching the script with the SHIFT key pressed will keep linkage to the 1D profile, too.
Comments: - Tested on GMS 2.3.0 but may work on earlier versions. Known issues: - The script "loops" over the SI channels (z-direction) and may become slow for SI's with many channels. As long as the computation isn't complete, the profile name will display as "???" - There is no 'back tracing' of a selection in the extracted 2D profile to the extraction-line marker. - ROI mirroring and live-updates may not work in all cases
Script version: 2.12.2013
DM/GMS version: GMS 2.3.0
Script written as a function: Yes
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