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Category: Various
Description: Often when writing DM scripts one knows a function/method/type exists but can't remember the syntax/prototype for the given piece of code. This script simulates the UNIX command 'apropos'. When launched, it will open a floating palette window with three textfields which can be used to enter search strings. Output is given to the results window.
Comments: This script takes its information from a GTG file which can be compiled out of a set of textfiles (stored in one folder) from within the program. First use: The first time the script is used, it will not find "apropos.gtg" unless the file has been copied to the prefs folder before. It is necessary to click on SETUP and then select a folder with all command-listings as TXT files (don't put other TXT files in that folder!). After processing these file, the script will ask to store the file and accept the default location and filename (apropos.gtg in prefs folder).
Acknowledgements: This script has been originally done by Gareth Vaughan and was modified by Vincent Hou and Bernhard Schaffer.
Script version: 1.5
DM/GMS version: 1.8.0
Script written as a function: No
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