Automatic Image Montaging

Category: Image Manipulation
Description: Script to carry out a cross correlation of multiple images to enable composite images (Montages) to be constructed. Where cross correlation yields poor results, the option to align images manually is also provided Instructions can be obtained by running the script with the SHIFT key held down. Some parameters can be set by running the script with the ALT key held down.
Comments: This script is compatible with the Mac version of DM (3.3.1) but only after editing the following lines of code. There are four lines of code with the general form: roisource1=firstimage[midpoint1x-32, midpoint1y-32,0,midpoint1x+32, midpoint1y+32,1] (note this must be a single continuous line of code in the script, but it may be broken into two by this web page). There are four lines of this type in the script starting with roisource1, roisource2, roisource3 and roisource4. Change all the x's to y's and all the y's to x's. In the same way find the four lines of code of the general form: zroisource1=secondimage[zmidpoint1x-32, zmidpoint1y-32,0,zmidpoint1x+32, zmidpoint1y+32,1] In exactly the same manner as above, change all the x's to y's and vice versa. Keep count, you should modify a total of 8 lines of code. It is a fairly complex script, and still fairly 'fresh', please report any bugs, and if you improve on this script, eg to enable colour images to be montaged, and perhaps handle non - n^2 x n^2 images, I'd certainly appreciate you sending me your modified script.
Script version: 2.0
DM/GMS version:
Script written as a function: No
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