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CCD Temperature Graph

Category: Microscope & GIF
Description: This script will plot a graph of the CCD temperature and change in temperature as a function of time. Use it for determining the cool down time of your CCD, and for monitoring temperature stability. The temperature is calculated from two dark reference images - a 0.1s and 5.1s exposure. Most of the script is graphing and timing. If it doesn't work with your camera system, you may need to edit the camera acquisition commands (the two lines in the script shown below), to suit your camera system. image shortimage= SSCGetDarkReference(0.1, 1, 0, 0, 1024, 1024) image longimage= SSCGetDarkReference(5.1, 1, 0, 0, 1024, 1024) Temperature as function of dark counts was determined empirically by plotting the cooling curve of the CCD and obtaining a temperature from a very old Gatan script. The relationship was then modelled as: CCD temp = (ln(Dark counts/Mo)/M1) Mo=65.114239997, M1=0.09962902 This relationship will vary with camera model, so if you don't have a GIF2000 with a 1k x 1k chip, expect a different absolute temperature. The accuracy of the temperature is probably questionable (according to this our CCD bottoms out at about -20*C). However, absolute temperature is really not that important, what matters is stability, and this script will allow temperature stability to be monitored with a high degree of sensitivity (+ or - 1*C full scale). Hold down the SHIFT key on running for instructions. Hold down the ALT key on running to set the sampling interval and duration.
Comments: This script worked with the same camera on a Mac-based system, so should be Mac/PC compliant
Acknowledgements: Used temperature data derived from a very old Gatan script of unknown authorship.
Script version: 3.0
DM/GMS version: 3.6.5
Hardware: JEOL 2010F, GIF2000
Script written as a function: No
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