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Change STEM Camera Length

Category: Microscope & GIF
Description: This script uploads the I1, 2, 3 and Proj lens values from a suitable configuration file to a JEOL microscope. This changes the camera length. The microscope must be in STEM mode. This procedure is designed for use with custom TEM probes, where a standard SADP type diffraction pattern is present on the screen, rather than the usual CBED pattern of normal STEM operation. A configuration file can be created by creating a new blank image, adding a text annotation to the image to say what it is (eg Data file for 20cm camera length). Then manually add tags which will contain the relevant lens values. To bring these up on the TEM screen select the relevant camera length you want and type prtest m2 at the TEM, the lens (hexadecimal) values you want are for lenses 8 (I1), 9 (I2), 10 (I3) and 11 (Proj). The tag format should be: Camera Length Data: Y Lens 10: 8D00 Lens 11: FA00 Lens 8: 4FD0 Lens 9: A800 To create these tags on a blank image, right click on the image (Image Display), select Image/Tags, then select 'Add'. The tag type for all tags is 'Text'. Enter the label of the first tag (the label is everything in front of the :", in this case the first tag is - 'Camera Length Data' (don't include the ' ', and note the spaces). Once you've created this tag, edit it, and add the value - in this case 'Y'. This is a flag which the script checks for to make sure the data is of the correct type. Next create the lens value tags - create a tag called 'Lens 10', then edit it and add the value - in the example given this would be '8D00', and so on for the other lenses - the values of which are read off the TEM screen. Once you have created the configuration file for one camera length, it is trivial to duplicate and edit it for other camera lenghts of interest. Store all your camera length images somewhere handy, like within the Gatan Folder. When you run the script, point at the configuration file for the camera length you want, and it will be uploaded. For more details contact the author.
Comments: Microscope must be in STEM and EXT 1 modes with a working serial connection. This script is designed for use with custom TEM probes - it will produce silly results with the normal STEM lens configurations. To undo the uploaded settings, simply turn off the Free Lens Control mode, which this script activates when it uploads lens settings.
Script version: 2.0
DM/GMS version: 3.6.5
Script written as a function: No
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