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CHT Diffraction Analysis

Category: Data Processing and Evaluation – Images
Description: A circular Hough Transform analysis software package for automated measurement of selected area diffraction patterns. This software package is available as a zipped archive and contains the script, a plugin, extensive instructions (pdf) and a series of images to experiment with. This software is also described in the following journal article - Ultramicroscopy, Volume 108, Issue 4, March 2008, Pages 367-374.
Comments: This updates fixes a few minor issues and adds an alternately coloured mask to improve readability. The option to remove 'Centre' tag information from a marked image is also provided, as detailed in the attached instructions.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Bernhard Schaffer for provision of a C++ data sorting function used in this dll. Douglas Hague and Christophe Koch's C++ demonstration code on the DM Script database greatly aided the development work here. Dr Bill Bertram and Mr Darren Attard, both of ANSTO, are thanked for assistance in algorithm development and testing respectively.
Script version: 2.1
DM/GMS version: 3.11.0
Script written as a function: No
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