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Debug helper

Category: Various
Description: This is a simplified version of the Script debugger submitted yearlier to the data base. THe script facilitates the most common debugging action: insertion and deletion of the tracking result()-statements.
Comments: While debugging a script one might wish to insert a number of resul ("n"+SOMETHING) statements to track the point where the script stops to work. The "Simplest Gebug Helper" facilitates that. Click "buffer". The statement result("nMARKER ") is now in the memory buffer.You can past it then at the desired place in the script by CTRL-V. It is a good idea to type manually the sequential number in the results statements: result("nMARKER 1") result("nMARKER 2") result("nMARKER ...") This way you can localize the script halting point. If you wish to monitor the value of the selected variable, type its name in the text field. You may add more fields or delete excessive fields by the buttons "add line" and "delete line". All the inserted variables will be attached at your result-statement. When you finish debugging click "remove all".All the result-statements of "result("nMARKER..." type will be removed from the script.
Script version: 1
DM/GMS version: GMS 1.8.4 and GMS 2.1.1
Hardware: -
Script written as a function: No
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