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Do Hough Transform

Category: Image Manipulation
Description: This scrip will do a Hough Transformation to the front image (i.e. the source). The source image must be "square" (width equals height) and the result image will have the same size as the source image. Script object model is used and the main calculation is running in a thread (i.e. background). So this is also an example of the "thread" script object in DM.
Comments: The result image will have two vertical line of "speckles" at the left edge (theta=0) and at the center (theta=Pi/2). This is an artifact due to the nature of the Hough Transformation: Source image (Xi, Yi); Result image (tho, theta); tho = Xi * Cos(theta) + Yi * Sin(theta) see also: Check Hough Transform Results see also: FFTW - FourieTransfrom, Correlation, Houghtransform by C.Koch
Acknowledgements: The codes for the main calculation are adopted from those by Chris Meyer of Gatan, Inc. The author would also like to thank Dr. Dave Mitchell for leading me to get Chris Meyer's scipt codes Thanks to Christoph Koch, MPI Stuttgart for taking up the task and putting the routine into a C++ DLL, which speeds up dramatically. After download, put the DLL into your Gatan plugins-folder. The following link will give you more information on C++ and Gatan's SoftwareDeveloperKit (SDK).
Script version: 1.0
DM/GMS version: 3.7.0
Script written as a function: No
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