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EELS Cube Data Editor

Category: 3D Images
Description: Script which enables 3D EELS data cubes (created with the script 'Multiple EELS Acquisition') to be edited to remove x-ray spikes. The offline script for processing EELS Data Cubes - 'EELS Cube Data Extraction' allows spectra containing such spikes to be omitted from the final summation. However, when collecting EELS data cubes of very weak edges (long acquisitions), a large number of the component spectra may contain spikes, and so omitting them throws out a lot of useful data. This script addresses that problem by allowing the user to navigate through an EELS data cube, locating and deleting spikes. With an EELS cube foremost the script control palette permits the user to navigate forwards and backwards through the cube. A spectrum is displayed at each step or by pressing the 'Spectrum' button. The EELS spectrum is shown as a lower and upper half, overlayed. This ensures that the spectrum is displayed at at least one pixel per channel. Otherwise, single channe! l x-ray spikes may not be displayed. Use this spectrum to locate features in the CCD image which constitute x-ray spikes. Such features IN THE CCD IMAGE can be selected with a region of interest (ROI). Pressing the 'Kill Spike' button will apply a median filter to the ROI. This will remove most spikes. Alternatively, ALT + 'Kill Spike' will set the ROI to zero. After removing all the spikes, pressing the 'Restore' button will return the cube to its original condition (minus the spikes). Pressing ALT + Restore will list some instructions.
Comments: Tested on DM 3.8.0 and DM 3.9.0
Script version: 1.1
DM/GMS version: 3.9.0
Script written as a function: No
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