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EELS Edge Chart

Category: Various
Description: The script is the digital version of Gatan's paper-slider "a chart of inner shell loss edge types and energies for Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy". It is meant to easily look up EELS-edge energies. You can also define an energy range an output an list of all edges within that interval.
Comments: There might be mistakes in the data and I do not guarantee that the data is 100% identical to Gatan's chart. If you find mistakes, please contact me!
Acknowledgements: Gatan Inc. for allowing to use & publish the data on their chart. Do not remove the copyright-statements from the script! David Mitchell, ANSTO Materials, for sorting out some dialog problems. Andrea Migliori,CNR-IMM Italy, for correcting an error which prevented the execution of the script.
Script version: 1.4
DM/GMS version: 3.9.0
Script written as a function: No
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