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Category: Microscope & GIF
Description: This script duplicates the command line of JEOL microscopes. In other words any JEOL command entered at the TEM keyboard, can be entered remotely from DM. Why bother? Well if you are trying to do something iteratively, like determine an appropriate free lens setting, or perhaps extract information from the microscope, everytime you enter something at the JEOL keyboard and hit ENTER, the command is executed and what you have typed is cleared - you have to type the whole instruction again - very tedious. However, when you enter a command from DM using this script, the command line remains after execution, so it is then easy to edit values or settings, or simply re-execute the command. Command line syntax is identical to that of the microscope. In order for this script to work you must have a working serial connection to your JEOL microscope, and the microscope must be in external control mode (type EXT 1 at the JEOL keyboard). This script has been used (as is) on both a Mac and a PC system connected to our 2010F.
Comments: This script has only been tested on a JEOL 2010F but should work on most JEOL scopes which have appropriate serial communication links and plug-ins configured. Users should be very cautious when using script for the first time - in the case of FEG systems, I'd wait until the gun had been shutdown before testing - that way if you hang the system (I have never hung my system and have written and tested many microscope control scripts like this) it is not such a disaster. No guarantees, use at your own risk.
Script version: 2.0
DM/GMS version: 3.7.x.x
Hardware: JEOL2010F, serial communication link.
Script written as a function: No
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