Export Profiles As Tabbed Text

Category: Data Import/Export
Description: // AUTHOR: Will Bowman // VERSION: 0.1 // DATE CREATED: 2015-02-23 // This script takes an image with multiple profiles and stores the data from each as a tab delimited text file. The first row of values are calibrated // x-axis values and each subsequent row is a profile's values. The first entry in each row is the legend label of that profile. The label of the first row of profile values is the image's file name (this is not ideal, but also not worth fixing for my use case). // USAGE: Have 1D line profile open as front-most image. Make sure to specify '.txt' extension during save dialog!
Comments: Zip contains example data and output.
Script version: 0.1
DM/GMS version: 2.11
Script written as a function: No
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