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FC lens values

Category: Microscope & GIF
Description: Version 2.0 (March, 2008) Add the capability of creating lens setting "groups". Each group can also have multiple entries. This should make this script more useful in a multi-users environment. (Tested with GMS 1.5.1, GMS 1.6.0 & GMS 1.7.1) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Version 1.0 (Nov. 29th, 2002) This script can record current lens values of GIF Filter Control. The recorded lens values (Focus X, Focus Y, SX and SY) can then be restored to Filter Control. This script is used as a patch for an un-intended feature of FC, where the lens values will change with microscope magnifications if there is a direct link between DM and the microscope (e.g. JEOL2010-FasTEM). While this is a convenient feature when the GIF is in imaging mode, it becomes a problem when the GIF is in the STEM/spectroscopy mode where the final project lens crossover point does not change with magnifications. By using this script, a set of filter control lens data can be stored and then re-load as necessary. The script is written and tested with DM version 3.7.0 (GMS 1.2). It should work for DM version 3.6 or higher.
Comments: There is a limitation (or conflict) in User Defined Language with DM script. The operation "/" and "*" cannot be defined as operators in Notepad++ once we define "/*" and "*/" as comment block markers. So I have left "/" and "*" out from the operator list
Script version: 2.0
DM/GMS version: 3.7.0
Hardware: JEOL2010F-FasTEM (with STEM), Gatan Image Filter, DigiScan
Script written as a function: No
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