Category: Data Import/Export
Description: // DigitalMicrograph Script 'BatchConvert_FloatDM4_to_16bit_DM4_and_TIF_withoutScaleBar.s' // Batch Convert Float DM4 files to 16-bit DM4 and 16-bit Tif Format with generation of a header files in .hdr (plain text) // and Gatan *.gtg (binary) format files. The resuls will be stored at '[original data directory]/output' directory. // // Logic: // - when max image intensity is above 65535, the image is scaled as minPoint->0 maxPoint->65535, // where the max and min points are calculated using provided in the dialog methods // - when max image intensity is below 65536, the image is directly converted to 16-bit without rescaling // // Note 1: the embedded scale bar is removed from the resulting images // Note 2: to enusure that none of the intensities clipped away the Min/Max method is recommended // Note 3: Last directory for input is stored as a global tag BatchConvert:LastInPath, // Last directory for output is stored as a global tag BatchConvert:LastOutPath, // Last used method is stored as a global tag BatchConvert:ScalingType
Acknowledgements: Based on original BatchConvertToFixed script by John Minter, Eastman Kodak, Foundation Science and Technology Center, john.r.minter @ kodak.com
Script version: 1.04
DM/GMS version: GMS3.3
Script written as a function: No
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