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Generate flags in image

Category: Simulation
Description: Script generates a periodic image of gaussians on a lattice with different types of defects found in STEM images. The following lattice parameters of the image can be selected: -Period of the two directions and angle between them -Static rotation angle -Gaussian breadth -"Particle" can be simulated by modulating intensity by sqrt(R**2-r**2) The various options are available to reproduce typical electronic contributions: -Flags & skips -There is the possibility to flag or skip all the rows by an amount chosen at random according to a random gaussian distribution centered at 0 with a chosen standard deviation. (number clipped to +/- half the smallest of two periods). -Various types of noise -Add a constant value to the image -Gaussian noise times a chosen value -Uniform Poisson with parameter lambda, times a chosen constant -Non-uniform Poisson noise, with the lambda parameter being the intensity of the image times a chosen parameter (i.e. lambda = C*Int(i,j)) -Numerical objective aperture (inserted in reciprocal space) with corresponding Hann window
Comments: See manual for instructions. Can be used to generate image for correction by companion script "Correct flags and skips.s" Script referenced in a paper that was accepted for publication in Ultramicroscopy (2012)
Script version: 1.0
DM/GMS version: 1.84
Script written as a function: No
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