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Interactive Rotational Profile

Category: Data Processing and Evaluation – Images
Description: This extracts a rotational averaged intensity profile from the front most image and displays it as a separate profile image. At the same time an ROI is added to the profile, and its limits are represented as two concentric circles in the source image. The ROI and the rings are interactively linked, i.e. changing the diameters of the rings shifts the ROI in the profile and vice versa. The concentric rings can also be shifted on the image to define the new center for the rotational profile. This invalidates the markers and the profile, indicated by a color changes. Data changes in the source image will also invalidated the profile. To update the profile, press the key with either the profile or the source image being active. If the CTRL key is kept pressed during movement of the rings (or data update), the profile is automatically updated. Pressing the key, closing the profile image, or deleting any of the markers will stop the tool.
Comments: Known issues: - Computation of the profile can be slow for larger images. Therefore automatic profile update is disabled by default (require CTRL key to be kept pressed.) This behavior can be over-ridden by setting the script constant "automaticUpdate" to 1. - The rotational avarage is computed with an angular resolution such that the outermost circle is sampled in '1 pixel' steps. However, the maximum number of angular steps is capped by the constant kMaxAngularResolution for speed reasons. - Movement / Resizing of the circular annonations can sometimes behave inaccurately. (Reason not yet clear.) - On complex valued images the profile extracts the modulus of the complex values.
Script version: 07.01.2014
DM/GMS version: GMS 2.3.0
Script written as a function: No
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