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Measure Angles

Category: Data Processing and Evaluation – Images
Description: A simple script which requires the user to mark three points 1-2-3 by moving the cursor to the point and hitting the SPACE bar. The angle subtended by 1-2-3 is then calculated. We have used this for doing a rotation calibration (image relative to SADP), but it could also be handy for measuring angles between diffraction spots, lattice planes, crystal facets etc.
Comments: None that I am aware of - please advise of any bugs. This version was ported from a Mac Script (with minor cosmetic changes) so it should run OK on a Mac
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Douglas Hague of Gatan for the example code to demonstrate how to map screen coordinates onto image coordinates.
Script version: 3.0
DM/GMS version: 3.7.0
Script written as a function: No
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