Category: Data Processing and Evaluation – Images
Description: This plugin for Digital Micrograph allows to perform Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on hyperspectral data, such as EELS, EFTEM or EDX. Noise reduction can be easily performed by selecting only components explaining most of the variance, thus improving signal-to-noise ratio. Factor rotations can be applied to selected components in order to get a more realistic representation of the data. Segmentation of the data is possible on the basis of the matrix factorization by mean of scatter diagrams. See G. Lucas et al., Micron 52-53 (2013) p.49-56.
Comments: The password for the zip file: "msa" A MSI installer is provided to automatically install the plugin in Digital Micrograph (only 2.x 64 bit) Plugin methods can be easily called from your own script, see the .s file for details.
Script version: 4.2
DM/GMS version: 2.x 64 bit
Script written as a function: Yes
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