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Description: ===== Installation =====: --- For Notepad++ : copy "userDefineLang.XML" to "C:Documents and Settings\Application DataNotepad++". copy "DM_Script.XML" to "C:Program FilesNotepad++pluginsAPIs" --- For DM, execute "run script file.s" directly ===== Description ===== The new text/script editor of DM introduced in GMS1.8 is adequate for writing short and simple script. However, it is still not convenient for editing long and complicated scripts. One option is to use an external program/text editor to edit the script and then test/debug the script in DM. Notepad++ is "free" and full-featured program editor and also has the capability to edit a "User Defined Language", such as DM script. Enclosed are two "definition" files for DM scripts. The "UserDefinedLang.xml" defined the keywords and syntax of DM script. The "DM_Script.XML" contains all standard DM functions listed in the DM script database, and is needed for using the "auto completion" feature in Notepad++. The edited DM script file can be "executed" in DM by using the script pallete (created by the "run script file.s" DM script). A typical work flow will be like the following: 1). Create, edit and save a DM script in Notepad++ 2). Create the "run script" script pallete by executing "run script.s" DM script in DM 3). Click the "..." button to load the new script file into this script pallete. Script file name will be displayed. 4). Click the "Run" button to excute the loaded script, or click the "Install as Lib." button to install the DM script as a function library. 5). Make revision and further editing in Notepad++ and save the script file again. By repeating above step 4 and 5, a DM script can be edited and tested rather easily. Alternatively, the script can also be edited directly in DM by clicking the "Edit" button, where the script file will be openned in the DM. Notepad++ has the capability of detecting if a file has been modified by other program since it was saved and will promt user to accept the change. Last, it is possible to display multiple "run script" palletes so multiple script files can be tested and edited in the same session.
Comments: ere is a limitation for the User Defined Language function in Notepad++ that prevents "/" and "*" to be defined as "operators" once the token "/*" and "*/" are defined as enclosures for comment block. There is no major impact except the syntax highlighting may not be correct when there is no space between numbers(or variables) and "/"(or "*") in an expression
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Steven Cogswell of Univ. of New Brunswick for recommending Notepad++.
Script version: 1.0
DM/GMS version: 1.4.3 or newer
Script written as a function: No
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