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q3D images from thickness map

Category: 3D Images
Description: A script to create quasi 3D images from thickness maps. An elastic and unfiltered images have to be acquired using a GIF. A segmentation has to be made from the elastic image e.g. using ParticleSizer (
Comments: See publication: AutoEM: a software for automated acquisition and analysis of nanoparticles J Nanopart Res (2019) 21:122
Acknowledgements: This script uses Filter-GaussHat function written by Andrey Chuvilin. This script uses Refine cross-correlation peak function written by Vincent Hou. This script uses Remove X-ray Filter written by Bernhard Schaffer.
Script version: 1
DM/GMS version: GMS 1.8.4 and GMS 2.1.1
Script written as a function: No
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