Restore TEM Config

Category: Microscope & GIF
Description: This is the counterpart of the Restore STEM Config script also available at this site. This script will upload a complete lens, stigmator and deflector TEM configuration to the 2010F microscope (which must be in TEM mode). Use this script to completely restore a given TEM configuration (eg after a student has mashed things). An appropriate configuration file can be created using the 'Save Microscope Config' script by the same author, available from this site.
Comments: Needs a working serial communication link with the microscope. Notes to v2.3: This is a revised version of a script which will restore a previously saved microscope configuration (created with the companion script 'Save Microscope Config'). The script is aimed at microscope managers who have had a student blitz the settings or have had some other melt down. The script makes permanent changes to the microscope settings and so should not be used for recreating custom microscope set ups. The companion script 'Upload TEM Lenses to TEM' should be used for that. Aside from a number of minor bug fixes and improvements, the major change is the introduction of a default directory for accessing data files. This default is set by running the 'Save Microscope Config' script with the ALT key held down. Thereafter, this script will go to that directory to source data files. known issues: Designed to work with the companion script 'Save Microscope Config' which must be version 2.3 or later. Tested on JEOL 2010F and JEOL 2000FXII TEMs. Requires a serial link between the TEM and DM computer. It won't work with FASTem installed. The microscope must be in EXT 1 mode. May work with other JEOL TEMs provided the lenses are numbered similarly to the above models. Use extreme caution with this script - it changes lens settings which can be deactivated by turning free lens mode off. However, changes it makes to deflector settings are permanent. Ensure you save your current (working) microscope configuration with 'Save Microscope Config' before experimenting with this. Keep that data file safe, and make a point of saving the microscope configuration before and after major column work/engineer alignment.
Acknowledgements: Based on an original script by Colin Trevor of Gatan. Thanks to Mitsu Murayama for identifying the flaws in the original version and road testing the revisions.
Script version: 2.3
DM/GMS version: 3.11
Hardware: JEOL 2010F with serial link between DM computer and JEOL TEM
Script written as a function: No
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