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RGB or Grey Thumb Text Creator

Category: Type Conversion
Description: A utility script to take the foremost image and dump the pixel values into a text window in a format where the image can be used in a dialog - to create a button icon. RGB and Greyscale and RGB images are automatically transformed into files with the appropriate format. To create an image suitable for a button icon, either create an image of the requisite size (eg 32 x 32 pixels) and hand draw in the graphic using a program like graphic converter. Alternatively, use an image, and simply scale it down to the button size (eg 32 x 32 pixels) using the resizing option in Graphic Converter. known issues: The script uses pixel by pixel operations and so is very slow for images >40 x 40 - it's 3x slower for RGB images.
Comments: Microscope must be in EXT 1 mode for this to work. If Image Shift is selected on the microscope, image shift on the control palette doesn't work.
Acknowledgements: thx
Script version: 1.1
DM/GMS version: 3.8.2
Script written as a function: No
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