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Save Microscope Config

Category: Microscope & GIF
Description: Script to save lens and deflector setting from JEOL TEM. Needs EMcontrol, DigitalMicrograph, JEOL TEM with RS232 only tested on a 2010 may need changing for other version of JEOL TEM's as it expects lenses at certain places Note the lens values displayed in the image may differ from those displayed in the TEM's display screen. Some lens values have an offset applied to them when they are read out to an external source - it's a JEOL thing. However, if you take the values stored in the image (which have this offset applied), and feed them back to the TEM, then the original TEM lens values are recreated - in other words the lens offsets don't matter. Confusing, but it works.This updated version addressed some formatting issues in the data image. ~~~ This script will download all the available microscope information from a JEOL microscope, and save it in a configuration file. This information includes settings - mode, mag, spot, all lens, stigmator and deflector values. The resulting configuration file displays the values, and also stores them in tags. This configuration file, is the source of information for various other scripts by this author, which can upload parts of this information back to the microscope. These scripts include: * Restore STEM Config, * Restore TEM Config, * Upload TEM Lenses to TEM, * Upload TEM Lenses to STEM, * Upload STEM Lenses to STEM. Use these scripts to restore configurations, or save custom settings and subsequently recreate them. When saving lenses, there is an option to add a comment. If you are saving a TEM probe configuration for subsequent use in STEM mode, make sure you note the values of the lenses indicated (Obj C, Obj F etc) in this comment, as you will have to manually toggle these values in with the LFC unit. For more details, contact the author.
Comments: Because of the offset issue uploading lens settings captured in TEM mode to the microscope in STEM mode causes problems - contact the author for more info. Version 2.3: This is an updated script which sources the current microscope configuration from a JEOL TEM and saves it in a data file for subsequent upload. To work, serial communication between the DM computer and the JEOL TEM must be in place (won't work with FASTem), and the TEM must be in EXT 1 mode. This script creates data files which can be used with the companion scripts 'Restore TEM Config' and 'Upload TEM Lenses to TEM' to completely restore a microscope setting, or to set up a custom lens configuration respectively. Aside from a lot of minor improvements, the major change in this version is the addition of a default directory for storing/accessing data files. Install this script as a menu item then run it with the ALT key held down to set the default directory in which to store files created with this script, and from which the Restore . . . and Upload . . . scripts will source data files (scripts must be version 2.3 or later).
Acknowledgements: Based on a script idea by Colin Trevor of Gatan
Script version: 2.3
DM/GMS version: 3.11
Hardware: JEOL 2010F with Serial Communication between EM and DM Computer
Script written as a function: No
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