Slice3 ; Slice2 ; Slice1

Category: Image Processing
Description: Example code to show the use of the slice command. This may not be supported in versions of DM prior to 3.6.5 Think of SLICE as a command to _create_ a lineplot / image / block out of a 3D-block. (I take the slice2 = image as an example). * First, you definde the source (=IMG) * Second, you define a starting coordinate within that Block (= X,Y,Z). Keep in mind, that coordinates start with 0/0/0 as the first pixel (=left/top/upperst) and end with sizeX-1 / sizeY-1 / sizeZ-1) (=right/bottom/lowerst) * Third, you define your axis (One in case of slice1 ; Two in case of slice2 ; Three in case of slice3) in the NEW lineplot/image/block. Each of the axis is defined by three paramters: an axis in the SOURCE (=DIR ; It can be 0=x 1=Y or 2=Z), a step-number(=STEPS), a step-width along this axis in the SOURCE (=STEPSIZE). This makes up for the complete command: SLICE2(IMG,X,Y;Z,DIR1,STEPS1,STEPSIZE1,DIR2,STEPS2,STEPSIZE2)
Script version: 1.0
DM/GMS version: 3.6.5
Script written as a function: No
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