Spectrum Convert To EELS

Category: Data Import/Export
Description: A script which will convert the foremost spectrum from None to EELS and so circumventing the need manually go: "Spectrum -> Convert Data To -> EELS" and then "ok" the warning box.
Comments: This will only work on the front most image. However it can be easily incorporated into a larger script for say batch processing of all open spectra. Care should be taken here however since the script requires that the spectrum being worked on can be found in the current "open_save" directory (the one you get when you go "File -> Save As" or "File -> Open"). This will mean that 1) you must not change this directory by opening/saving in another directory between opening the spectra and running this script and 2) if you intend to run this in a script which will process multiple spectra then they all must belong to the same directory.
Acknowledgements: To Vincent Hou for the original posting.
Update text: v1.1 ---- Changes line 53 from: to: This is required to work with version 1.84 of DigitalMicrograph
Script version: 1.1
DM/GMS version: 1.84
Script written as a function: No
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