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Category: Data Import/Export
Description: Slight alteration to the read-ser script by Haiyan Tan, itself based on the data stream import code by Dr. Jo Verbeeck. Opens all .ser files from TIA within the specified directory, with the option of immediately saving to .dm4
Comments: The import function fails on data of the "Spectrum Profile" type, i.e. image series from e.g. Nano-beam profiles or similar data cubes. Rather than identify the specific data structure, here the filename is parsed for "spectrum profile" (the automatic naming convention from TIA) and matching results excluded. Could be improved upon, it is likely that other unrecognized data types will throw an exception.
Update text: Save function replaced, since SaveImage resulted in file corruption.
Script version: 0.2
DM/GMS version: GMS 1.8.4 and GMS 2.1.1
Hardware: Windows
Script written as a function: No
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