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Timed Image Recorder

Category: Microscope & GIF
Description: This script will copy the content of a front image to an image stack at specified intervals. This front image is typically a "live image" created by CCD camera viewer or from DigiScan viewer. An additional function "estimate refresh rate" is also incorporated into this script to estimate how fast the "live image" is refreshed. This is to serve as a reference to set recording intervals. Please note that for DigiScan images, the refresh rate is counted whenever there is a change in image data so the measured refresh rates are usually higher than the "full-frame" refresh rate. Maximum recording speed will depend on the image size and processor/memory speed. This script cannot write data directly to disk so the recording length (i.e. image stack size) will be limited by the computer memory size.
Comments: Thank Bernhard Schaffer for the idea of catching image close event by attaching a dummy key handler.
Script version: 1.0
DM/GMS version: 1.5.1
Script written as a function: No
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