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Category: Various
Description: This script openes a new floating window with some useful, small tools as described below: Point: The buttons mark the min/max/center of the region beneath the (first) selected annotation. If no selection is made, the image itself is selected as a whole. Line: Lines are drawn by first selecting a Start and then pointing to an End. The mark is always set to the center of the (first) selected annotation in the frontimage. If no selectrion is made, the image itself is selected as a whole. Cross: Takes the bounding rectangle of the (first) selected annotation in the frontimage (or the image itself, if nothing is selected) and then draws a cross, an X or a circle through the center of that annotation-box. Mask: Binary Masks are created from the whole frontimage with any of the buttons. VALUE creates exact-value masks, RANGE creates masks for value ranges, NAN marks the NANs of an image and INF marks infinite values. Copy scaled annotation: COPY gets the size of the (first) selected annotation (or the image, if nothing is selected) and remembers the scaling from the calibrations of the frontimage. PASTE creates a rectangular annoation of the remembred size scaled to the calibration of the frontimage. Use this to mark "Positions" of images in overview images. Set Display Limits: Those buttons set the display limits of the frontimage. LOW sets the lower limit to the average of the selected area. HIGH sets the higher limit to the average of the selected area. If more than one selection is present, LOW and HIGH take the lowest/highest value of averaged selections. BOTH sets both to the minimum and the maximum of the selected area,respectively. 3D Block: The buttons collect images into a 3-dimensional image (real-8bit) NEW creates a new (not visible) 3Dblock which is a image-clone of the frontmost image. ADD adds the frontmost image as last slice to the block. ADD ALL adds all open (visible) images in the order of appearance to the block. SHOW shows the block as new image. The "#" entry tells how many slices the block currently contains. If the CLOSE ADDED checkbox is enabled, each of the new/add buttons closes the frontmost image(s) after copying them into the block.
Comments: To install this script into a menu, you have to copy the first part (until the "MAIN" comment) into a separate script-window and install it as a library. Then you have to install the second part (only) as the executing menu.
Script version: 2.0
DM/GMS version: 3.6.5
Script written as a function: No
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