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Upload TEM lenses to TEM

Category: Microscope & GIF
Description: This script is the STEM equivalent of the Upload STEM Lenses to STEM script. This script will upload lenses and Condensor Stigmator settings from a previously saved configuration file created by running the script Save Microscope Config, with the microscope in TEM mode. This configuration will remain in force until the free lens control is turned off, at which point the previous settings are restored. Use this to recall custom column settings. All the scripts by this author which either create or upload microscope configurations, have instructions built in to them - run the scripts with the SHIFT held down.
Comments: Requires a working serial connection, microscope to be in EXT 1 mode, and an appropriate configuration file, created using the Save Microscope Config script Notes for version 2.3: description: This script is designed to be used with the companion scripts 'Save Microscope Config' and 'Restore TEM Config'(all version 2.3 or later). This script uses the data files created with the 'Save Microscope Config' script and sets up a temporary custom lens configuration in free lens mode. This can be undone by turning off the free lens control ie changes are not permanent. This script has been revised to address a number of bugs and include a number of improvements. A default directory has been added. This default is set by running the 'Save Microscope Config' script with the ALT key held down. Once set this script will go to that directory automatically to source data files for upload. known issues: Tested on JEOL 2010F and JEOL 2000FXII TEMs with DM 3.7 or later. May work on other JEOL models provided the lenses are numbered similarly to the above. Requires a working serial link between the microscope and the DM computer - won't work if FASTem is installed. Microscope must be in EXT 1 mode. Use this script for setting up temporary custom lens configurations. Use the companion script 'Restore Microscope Config' to permanently restore a microscope set up (eg after a student has blitzed the microscope). Companion scripts exist for STEM work, but I haven't updated those yet - will do if there is any demand.
Acknowledgements: Based on an original script by Colin Trevor of Gatan. Thanks to Mitsu Murayama for identifying the flaws in the original version and road testing the revisions.
Script version: 2.3
DM/GMS version: 3.11
Hardware: JEOL TEM connected to DM computer via a serial link
Script written as a function: No
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