Electron Microscopy 4.0

“Enabling Science and Technology through European Electron Microscopy” – ESTEEM3 for short – is the success story of the leading microscopy centers in Europe. Led by Gerald Kothleitner, the ACR Institute Graz Center for Electron Microscopy (ZFE) together with the FELMI of the Graz University of Technology has re-formed the ESTEEM node in Austria since January 2019, playing in a league with top institutes in Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, Jülich or Antwerp. Three key activities form the core points of the project: access to state-of-the-art infrastructure for external researchers, network activities with trainings and workshops as well as multi-lateral research in the field of new microscopy techniques and modern materials. Gerald Kothleitner is additionally the leader of the special task information and communication technology materials.

New detectors for the ASTEM microscope such as a differential phase contrast detector and a direct-electron-detection camera extend the possibilities for high-level co-operations within the ESTEEM consortium and beyond.


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