Fritz Grasenick Prize goes to  Georg Haberfehlner

The Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy (ASEM) awards the Fritz Grasenick Prize to young scientists in the field of electron microscopy since 2007. This year Dr. Georg Haberfehlner was awarded at the ASEM’s annual general meeting.

Georg Haberfehlner studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology in Vienna and finished his PhD at the University of Grenoble. In France he worked at the CEA-Leti, a renowned research institute for electronics and information technologies. Since 2013 he is back in Austria and focuses on the 3D imaging of nanoscale materials and their properties down to atomic resolution at the Graz Centre for Electron Microscopy.

Much like computed tomography in medicine gives 3D insight into the human body with X-rays, electron tomography in a transmission electron microscope allows seeing the interior of a materials science specimen in three dimensions. In this article published in Nature Communications, electron tomography is advanced to atomic resolution for the investigation of silver/gold core/shell nanoclusters grown in superfluid helium nanodroplets (cooperation with the Institute of Experimental Physics / Graz TU). These results allow an improved understanding of the growth and deposition process of the nanoclusters, which can then be tuned to design materials composition and properties.

3D reconstruction of a silver/gold core/shell nanocluster grown in superfluid helium droplets through atomic resolution electron tomography in an aberration-corrected transmission electron microscope.

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