DSC_6552We assist the client to make well-informed decisions – be it a materials issue, routine quality control analysis or the acquisition of a new microscope; furthermore we have access to other facilities and networks within the research community that could be of benefit to the client.

We also promote and work in collaborative Research & Development Projects (R&D); we facilitate the procedures, provide services and information so that you will spend less time on non-technical, administrative work (funding, bureaucracy).



Multi-company Project: Internal Interfaces in Semiconductors

“Quantitative Analyse innerer Grenzflächen” (quantitative analysis of internal interfaces) is a joint project of ZFE with ams AG, AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG, EPCOS OGH, Infineon Technologies AG and Lam Research AG that is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG (project 850220). The project scope is to study interfaces in electronic devices via high resolution TEM combined with the advancement of required analytical TEM methods.
As the lead organisation ZFE is responsible for the scientific realisation; we handle administrative tasks (covering the whole project including submission process, mandatory reporting and dissemination) and function as a link to the respective funding agency. More information about this research project…