Physical Preparation for SEM and TEM

Precision Ion Polishing System (Gatan, Model 691)

PipsTwo variable-angle (±10), miniature Penning ion guns (PIGs)
Energy 3-6keV
Optical stereo microscope to achieve a very precise control
Oil-free vacuum system: molecular drag pump (MDP), 2-stage diaphragm pump (DP)
Versatile sample holders


Penning Sputter Coater (PSC1a)

PSC1aNeutral particle gun – no radiation damage
operation characteristics: 4 kV, 10 mA D.C., water cooling is necessary
coating diameter: 35 mm (at a workingdistance of 50 mm)
discharge gas: Argon


Electron microscopic sample preparation unit (EPA101)

EPA101Vacuum based evaporation coating system
Turbomolecular pump, 2-staged rotation pump
Cross-shaped high-vacuum chamber
Methods: resistance evaporation , thermal evaporation, flash evaporation


Gas discharge apparatus (GEA005)

GEA005Sputter coating system
Gas disscharge techniques, etching of solids
Gas: Argon, Oxygen
Several coating materials (Au, Au/Pd, Cr, Al, Pt,…)
High frequency generator: 27,12MHz, 40Watt max.
High voltage: 0-5kV, 20mA max.

Low energy ion milling (Technoorg Linda)

NEID2Low energy ion gun model IV3 (Hot ring cathode); watercooling is necessary
100eV-2000eV ion energy
Gas: Argon
Probe current measurement
Goniometer: homogeneous sputter rates within ±30°