SEM Preparation

Diamond wire saw

DiamondsawWire in a horizontal position
Infinitely-variable wire speed and pressure Accuracy up to 0.2 mm
Automatic shutdown the saw after the Cutting Equipment for the condition with coolant
Ease of use Very easy access to the major functional elements.



SimpliMet 1000

SipliMet1000Mount Metallurgical, Petrographic and Other Materials for Microstructural Analysis
Increase Productivity and Sample Consistency 1″- 2″(25mm – 50mm)
Duplex Mold Capacity
Quickly Mount up to Two Specimens in a Single Cycle LCD Display
Electro-Hydraulic Operation




CitoVacEasy handling Spacious vacuum chamber
Perfect impregnation of porous specimens.



LaboPol 5

LaboPol5Quick exchange of grinding, lapping and polishing discs variable rotational speed of between 50 – 500 rpm
Automation with the specimen movers LaboForce-3 and automatic dosing unit LaboDoser running with a speed of 200/240 rpm and designed for fine grinding and polishing of 1-3 single specimens. Specimens are easily placed in the specimen mover plate and the force is set individually, ad just able from 5-40 N.
Automatic dosing of both diamond suspension and lubricant. The built-in timer automatically stops the LaboPol/LaboForce and LaboDoser when the pre-set time expires. This allows unattended preparation. The precise and reproducible dosing reduces the amount of consumables used Uniform dosing reduces preparation time and improves the preparation result.



VibroMetCorrosion and Impact Resistant RIM Cabinet Electronic Touch-Pad Controls with Variable Vibration Control Vibration Amplitude Indicator Quick Change PVC Polishing Bowl Spacious Capacity for up to 18 Mounted or Several Large Unmounted Specimens Prepares Geological Thin Sections to Thickness of 5 to 10 Microns
Excels in the Preparation of Difficult Materials Including Soft Metals, Solid State Devices and High-Tech Superalloys Without Damaging Delicate Components or Inducing Deformation.