Preparation for TEM

Diamondsaw Isomet 1000

DiamondsawLarge Cutting Capacity with Optional 7″ Blade
Variable Speed up to 975 RPM
Dual Triple-Digit LED Displays
Digital Micrometer for Sample Positioning
Inch or Millimeter Selectable
Membrane Key Pad is Easily Wiped Down and Cleaned
Built-In Circuit Protection

Ultrasonic Disccutter

Ultasonic DisccutterManually tuned frequency driver to optimize cutting speed
Spring-loaded platform applies constant force couples with magnetically held table to prevent lateral movement
Integrated stereo microscope and X-Y table
Broad selection of shapes and size cutting tools



Dimple Grinder 656

DimpleRapid material removal with minimal damage.
Dimple grinding offers a fast and reliable mechanical method of pre-thinning to near electron transparency (in some cases to electrontransparency) greatly reducing ion milling times and uneven thinning.


Processing Ion Polishing System (PIPS)

PipsTwo variable-angle (±10), miniature Penning ion guns (PIGs)
Energy 3-6keV
Optical stereo microscope to achieve a very precise control
Oil-free vacuum system: molecular drag pump (MDP), 2-stage diaphragm pump (DP)
Versatile sample holders


Low Energy Ion Milling

NEIDLow energy ion gun model IV3 (Hot ring cathode); watercooling is necessary
100eV-2000eV ion energy
Gas: Argon
Probe current measurement
Goniometer: homogeneous sputter rates within ±30°


TenuPol5-2Scan function: Determination of correct polishing voltage through built-in scan function
Built-in database
Automatic shut-off
Thinning process stopped automatically through infra-red light when hole appears
Large samples can be pre-thinned electrolytically to avoid mechanical deformation Simultaneous thinning. Thinning from both sides to avoid damaged structures.

Sonopuls HD 2200

SonoplusHF-Frequency 20kHz, HF-Power 200W
Disruption of cells, bacteria, virus, tissue
Production of emulsions
Homogenization of substances
Sample preparation for HPLC
Degassing of fluids
Sample preparation for particle size analysis
Acceleration of chemical reactions
Waste-water analysis