DSC_7061Austrian Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (ASTEM)

The ASTEM (Austrian Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope) is a probe-corrected high end TEM/STEM system that is equipped for high resolution analytical research with unprecedented speed: thanks to the unique combination of a high-sensitivity SDD X-ray spectrometer (Super-X) and a high-resolution post-column energy filter (GIF Quantum) within one acquisition system, the microscope offers high speed (up to 1000 spectra/s) simultaneous EELS/EDS spectrum imaging for a wide range of analytical investigations for both light and heavy elements.




The ASTEM is an FEI Titan³ G2 60–300 featuring:

The adaptable acceleration voltage permits non-destructive investigations even for beam-sensitive materials, thus allowing atomically resolved analysis of delicate materials like single-layer graphene. In additions, the system is equipped for S/TEM tomography for high resolution 3D analytical investigations. Recently, the microscope was upgraded with a direct-electron-detection camera (funded by the “Zukunftsfonds Steiermark”), establishing novel imaging possibilites of beam-sensitive materials and for noise-free electron spectroscopy.
The versatile instrument enables the FELMI-ZFE to offer a wide range of highly resolved analytical investigation techniques to industry partners and to provide access to high-class analytical instrumentation for visiting scientists from Austria and all over the world.
This microscope is the key instrument in a number of research projects; these are, in particular, the FFG COIN project “ASTEM” and the FELMI-ZFE contribution to the European network for electron microscopy “ESTEEM 3 ”.











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