Peter Pölt Symposium

When one of your oldest collegues is near his well-deserved retirement it is reason enough to organise a surprise symposium to highlight his collaborations, research interests and professional development.

What? Peter Pölt Symposium
When? 15 March 2018 | 16:00
Where? BE01 | Steyrergasse 30, 8010 Graz

Prof. Christof Sommitsch (TU Graz)
Dr. Markus Gahleitner (Borealis)
Prof. Gerd Leitinger (MedUniGraz)
Prof. Ferdinand Hofer (Head of the Institute)


Dr. Peter Pölt studied Technical Physics at at the Technical University of Graz, Austria. He gained his PhD in 1980 at the Institute of Theoretical Physics at Graz University of Technology. Since 1980 he is working at the Institute of Electron Microscopy, Graz University of Technology, first as University assistant and subsequently as senior scientist. In the first years he was active in research and development of electrolytic capacitors in co-operation with an international company. Subsequently he has been active in Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray spectrometry, electron back-scatter diffraction, automated particle analysis in SEM, image processing, (ultra-)microhardness testing, tensile tests (polymers, fibres) and in situ experiments in the ESEM. Currently he is additionally active at the Graz Centre for electron microscopy and was group leader of  one SEM group until 2017.

Hard work, dedication and positive attitude. These are only a few of the many precious things you’ve shared with us every day. Thank you and congratulations on your retirement!