Quantitative Analyse innerer Grenzflächen – Quantitative Analysis of Internal Interfaces

Project Results

This page displays the main results we generated in the course of this project. The project was realised with five German speaking companies – that is the reason why reports and application notes are mostly in German. Feel  free to contact us if you have any questions!

Application Notes

Probenpräparation FIB-Lamellendünnung Backside Milling | Sample Preparation FIB Lamella Thinning Backside Milling

Probenpräparation mithilfe der Double Cross Section | Sample Preparation by means of Double Cross Section

Probenpräparation für TEM-Heizhalterversuche | Sample Preparation for Heating Experiments (TEM)

Probenpräparation zur Stabilisierung einer FIB-gedünnten Probe H-Bar Methode | Sample Preparation to Stabilise FIB-Samples H-Bar Method

NanoMill-Dünnung von PIPS-Proben | NanoMill-Thinning of PIPS-Samples

Probenpostionierung für Nanomill-Dünnung | Sample Positionning for further Nanomill-Treatment

Zielpräparation für die Untersuchung von Oberflächenschichten – Plan View | How to Analyse Surface Layers: Sample Preparation via Plan View

Aktivkohleunterstützte Probenreinigung im Vakuumofen | Active Carbon Assisted Sample Cleaning in a Vacuum Furnace

Vermeidung von Oberflächendiffusion in In situ-TEM-Versuchen | How to prevent surface diffusion during in situ TEM experiments


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Doctoral Thesis
Andrea Kraxner (ams): “Investigation of carrier transport in silicon p-n junction devices using scanning electron microscopy with electron beam induced current” (2016)

Gernot Gruber (K-AI/Infineon): “Performance and Reliability Limiting Point Defects in SiC Power Devices” (2017)

Daniel Knez (ZFE): “Scanning transmission electron microscopy of metallic clusters and nanoalloys” (2017)

Master’s Thesis
Regina Seidl (ZFE): “Specimen Preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy by Focused Ion Beam: Refinement of Post-Treatment using Focused Low Energy Argon Ion Milling” (2016)


Andrea Kraxner (ams): “An EBIC Model for TCAD Simulation to Determine the Surface Recombination Rate in Semiconductor Devices” (in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, DOI: 10.1109/TED.2016.2606703)

Johanna Kraxner (ZFE): Quantitative EDXS: “Influence of geometry on a four detector system” (in Ultramicroscopy, DOI: 10.1016/j.ultramic.2016.10.005)

Public Presentations

Evelin Fisslthaler: Quantitative Analyse innerer Grenzflächen – Strukturanalyse mittels hochauflösender Transmissionselektronenmikropskopie; Forschung im Verbund, FFG Collective Research

Evelin Fisslthaler: Quantitative Analysis of Internal Interfaces – Structural and Quantitative Analysis via HR STEM FFG Collective Research

Evelin Fisslthaler: Some like it hot! Untersuchungen dynamischer Prozesse im In Situ-TEM von RT bis 1300 °C

Conference Contributions

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