Preliminary Programme

1st Day:  Basics of Ultramicrotomy

Morning: Lectures
Basics of ultramicrotomy including ultra-sonic diamond knife

Embedding & Staining methods of polymers & biological preparation

Discussion and procedure of the samples to be examined

Afternoon: Practical work
Specimen preparation, hands-on Ultramicrotomy (room temperature)


2nd Day:  Cryo-Ultramicrotomy

Morning: Lectures
Specimen preparation; Challenging samples


Background overview in CEMOVIS, High Pressure Freezing and CLEM

Afternoon: Practical work
Hands-on (Cryo-)Ultramicrotomy; Getting contrast


3rd Day:  Applications & Analysis

Morning: Lectures
In-situ microscopy; Image processing; Particle analysis; 3D Ultramicrotomy (AtumTome, Artos)

Afternoon: Practical work
Hands-on (as required); Analysis of specimens (TEM, SEM)


Faculty during the lectures and practical work: