FIB / (E)SEM Dual Beam Microscope Quanta 3D FEG

The Quanta 3D FEG is a combined scanning electron / focused ion beam microscopy (SEM and FIB, respectively) with variable operation in high-, low- (10 – 130 Pa) and extended low-vacuum (up to 4000 Pa), summarized in the term environmental SEM (ESEM). This installation is optimized for additive direct-write fabrication of functional micro- and nanostructures using focused ion / electron beam induced deposition (FIBID / FEBID) with particular focus on 3D nano-printing. FIB processing down to 2 kV and 1 pA is also available, which complements rapid prototyping for a broad range of materials not least due to the low- and environmental-vacuum options. Furthermore, the system is equipped with micro- / nano-manipulation devices and allows installation of low- and high-temperature stages (5° – 800 °C). In near future, the system will be expanded by an in situ atomic force microscope (AFSEM® by GETec Microscopy Inc., Vienna, Austria) to enable correlated microscopy by combining the individual capabilities of the microscope for a comprehensive insight in materials and functionalities down to the nanoscale.

Key Features

Essential Specifications

Emitter & Resolution

Additive / Subtractive Manufacturing

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