General Introduction:

A Microtome, (from Greek mikros, “small” and temnein “to cut”) is a sectioning device which allows the cutting of extremely thin sections of material. Ultramicrotomes are an important device in microscopy preparation of samples for TEM, SEM, AFM, FTIR / Raman or light microscopy.
The typical thickness of these cuts with quality diamond knives is between 40 and 100 nm for transmission electron microscopy and 4 – 12µm for FTIR.
This technique is used to analyze polymers, fibers, foils, papers, biological tissues etc.
For the sectioning of frozen samples, our microtome can be adapted to cut in a liquid nitrogen chamber, a so-called cryomicrotome. The reduced temperature increases the hardness of the sample and this is necessary for soft materials.

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The principles of Microtomy

Typical Applications of Microtomy

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Multilayer film

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