Christian Doppler Laboratory for the Direct Fabrication of 3D Nano-Probes

On Wednesday, 25th April 2018 three Christian Doppler Laboratories were officially opened under the auspices of rector Harald Kainz in the assembly hall of Graz University of Technology. We are especially happy to host the Christian Doppler Laboratory for the Direct Fabrication of 3D Nano-Probes (DEFINE) under the leadership of Harald Plank in the course of the upcoming years.

from left to right: Harald Plank, Karin Zojer, Klaus Witrisal                   Credit: Lunghammer TU Graz

During the last decades, Focused Electron Beam Induced Deposition (FEBID) has attracted increasing attention in fundamental and applied research. This technology enables flexible additive manufacturing thanks to the mask-less, direct-write character for 3D fabrication on the nanoscale, which meet challenges when classical, resist based lithography methods run into their intrinsic limitations. In the course of the past ten years, Harald Plank has intensively been focusing on this topic. In 2015 he defended his Habilitation thesis where he summarised the scientific contribution to this field made at our Institute since 2008; deep insights into fundamental resolution limitations, proximity based broadening effects, high-fidelity shapes, and efficiency aspects have been gained which led to a strong performance improvement in this field.

On the pursuit of industrial applications, he teamed up with GETec Microscopy GmbH to explore next-generation nano-probe concepts for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), which will push their performance beyond current limitations. The full potential of the anticipated 3D nano-probes will be exploited by GETec’s state-of-the-art in situ AFM product line, which is designed for the seamless integration in Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) and / or Focused Ion Beam (FIB) systems. By combining these individual technologies, entirely new, yet unknown capabilities become possible.

Head of the Christian Doppler Laboratory
Ass.Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Harald PLANK
Institute of Electron Microscopy and Nanoanalysis | Graz University of Technology
Steyrergasse 17 | 8010 Graz | AustriaCredit: Lunghammer TU GrazCredit: Lunghammer TU Graz

Industrial Partner
GETec Microscopy GmbH
Aspern IQ Seestadt Aspern
Seestadtstraße 27 | 1220 Vienna | Austria


Thematic Cluster
Advanced Materials Science

1.3.2018 – 28.2.2025

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Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft | Christian Doppler Research Association

German Article: Christian Doppler Labor am FELMI-ZFE eröffnet (ACR News)

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