Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)


Ultra55klZeiss Ultra 55

The Ultra 55 represents the latest development in GEMINI® technology and comprises a fully integrated energy and angle selective backscattered electron (EsB) detector. The Ultra 55 offers ultra high resolution for both secondary electrons (SE) to image surface information and backscattered electrons (BSE) to present compositional information. The EsB detector features an integrated filtering grid to enhance image quality and requires no additional adjustments. Pfeilb1klkl




FEI ESEM Quanta 600 FEG – Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope

The FEI ESEM Quanta 600 FEG is a versatile scanning electron microscope with three imaging modes. The “high vaccum mode” (HV) is a conventional SEM mode with the need of conventional specimen preparation. In the “low vacuum mode” (LV) electrically non conductive samples can be imaged without the need of a conductive layer (e.g. carbon, gold etc.). Additionally in the “ESEM mode” (ESEM) wet samples can be investigated in their “natural” state. Pfeilb1klkl

FEI ESEM Quanta 200 – Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope Pfeilb1klkl





Zeiss Gemini DSM 982

The Gemini DSM 982 was manufactured by LEO Oberkochen (Germany) and is a very versatile scanning electron microscope enabling high resolution imaging (secondary electrons: SE, backscattered electrons: BSE) of surfaces of a great variety of materials. Pfeilb1klkl